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Συνεντευξη με την Αν Κλιβς ( Ann Cleeves).

VERA the television series has been sold to the Czech republic, Taiwan, Cyprus, Iceland, South Korea, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, New Zealand and Australia (Seven network), and shown in parts of the USA, on Icelandic National TV, as well as India, Slovenia, Singapore and cable deals in Asia and Latin America. January 2015 also brought Les enquêtes de Vera to French televsion.

Yöperhoset - 'The Moth Catcher', in Finnish

The Moth Catcher

More about The Moth Catcher

Ulica Milczenia - 'Harbour Street' in Polish

Harbour Street

More about Harbour Street

Glasveranden - 'The Glass Room' in Swedish

The Glass Room

More about The Glass Room

Stille Stem - 'Silent Voices' in the Netherlands

Silent Voices

More about Silent Voices

Hidden Depths

Hin myrku djúp

More about Hidden Depths

Telling Tales

More about Telling Tales

Una trampa para cuervos - 'The Crow Trap' in Spanish

The Crow Trap

More about The Crow Trap


Een interview med Ann Cleeves over haar boeken, over haar liefde voor de natuur en over Shetland.

Die Tote im roten Kleid

Cold Earth

More about Cold Earth

'Tomma Luften' the Swedish edition of 'Thin Air'

Thin Air

More about Thin Air

'Dead Water' in Japanese

Dead Water

More about Dead Water

'Blue Lightning' in Japanese

Blue Lightning

More about Blue Lightning

L'isola dei cadaveri - 'Red Bones' in Italian

Red Bones

More about Red Bones

Biel Nocy - Polish edition of 'White Nights'

White Nights

More about White Nights

Raven Black

More about Raven Black

Hrafnamyrkur - the Icelandic edition of 'Raven Black'